Convention registration reminder

Has your member group registered for the LUPUS EUROPE convention yet? Remember that the deadline for special conditions is 15th June 2016. The convention will take place in the beautiful historical city of Würzburg, Germany from 28th September – 2nd October 2016. It is also an important occasion for our hosts, the German Lupus association, who are […]

Reminder EPF survey on quality healthcare

What does quality of healthcare mean for you? Take the EPF survey! Deadline: 31st May 2016 Quality of healthcare is at the heart of European Patients’ Forum’s work. EPF is conducting a survey which aims to explore the perceptions of patients about what “quality” means for them, and what matters most in quality of care. Please note […]

World Lupus Day in France

This week, our marathon hopeful, Andreas is running for France’s two lupus associations. This is a great opportunity to highlight a couple of World Lupus Day initiatives taken by these two associations. AFL + chair, Marianne Rivière, was interviewed for “pourquoi docteur”. You can find the full interview (in French) here. Among other activities planned […]

A mother’s story

For World Lupus Day, Anne Charlet, vice chair of LUPUS EUROPE, was interviewed by MedTech. When Anne Charlet’s teenage daughter complained of extreme fatigue, she thought it was just end-of-school year tiredness or anaemia. But a precautionary blood test that revealed an unusually low platelet count led to a completely unexpected diagnosis several months later: […]

Kikka’s story

My Lupus story doesn’t start in 1993 with an SLE diagnosis, but eight years earlier in 1985, when at the age of 22 I got pneumonia for the first time. O spent two weeks in hospital with a horde of doctors around my bed wondering why antibiotics weren’t working. The oldest doctor mentioned that I […]

Katharine’s story

When it was first suggested that I write a patient story for Lupus Europe, I have to say that I felt a little uncomfortable. Firstly, I’m an intensely private person and have so far never wanted to write about myself or write a blog. Secondly my ‘lupus’ is relatively mild (in the medical sense rather […]

Anna’s story

I met my Lupus on a sunny day of April 2003 when I was 23 years old. A year ago, I was hospitalized because I fainted with seizures. At the time, the doctors told me that anyone can have such episodes once or twice during their life. However, a neurologist in training thought that I was […]

Yvonne’s story

  My story – by Yvonne from the Netherlands On 6 July 2004, I woke up with a tremendous pain in my right hand. Because I also had a slight rash, my GP immediately referred me to a dermatologist. He examined me and referred me to a rheumatologist because he had a hunch what might be […]