Quality of healthcare?

What does quality of healthcare mean for you? Take the EPF survey! Deadline: 31st May 2016. The survey is aimed at patient representatives: primarily individual patients, their family members or informal carers, and patient organisation representatives across the EU. You do not need in-depth knowledge or experience on quality of care to complete the survey! There […]

Introduction from a new board member

In September, during the LUPUS EUROPE convention, we were delighted to welcome Jeanette Andersen to the board. She has written a little introduction for those who don’t already know her from her work in LUPUS EUROPE and Young PARE. “I was diagnosed with SLE in 2011, although I had had symptoms of the disease since […]

The EUPATI toolkit has been launched

A Toolbox of presentations, videos, articles and other resources on patients’ involvement in development of new drugs for treatment was launched on January 27th. The EPF flagship project, EUPATI (the European Patient Academy on Therapeutic Innovation), has lanuched its Toolbox in 7 languages – read more on what fruits this will bring to patients and the research and regulatory […]

EPF Regional Advocacy Seminar

  Do you have members in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Germany?  This year’s EPF Regional Advocacy Seminar is open to patient representatives from these countries. Make sure you share this opportunity with them! This year’s Seminar is entitled “Getting the patients’ message across to the national and European level”. Participants will take part in […]