We are very proud to announce that LUPUS EUROPE has been recognized by the EMA (European Medicine Agency) as “eligible entity”, the select network of patient organizations that work with the EMA to ensure that the needs and concerns of a wide range of patients are represented via direct contact with the Agency. This status is granted after an extensive evaluation and confirmation that we fulfill all eligibility criterions for working with EMA.

As an eligible organization, we will now receive targeted EMA communications and consultations and assist in the identification of experts for product-specific matters. Today already, 3 members of our Patient Advisory Network are assisting the EMA on specific requests raised to us.

This is a great development in our continued progress towards our Strategic Objective #1 : “that people with lupus in Europe participate in, and benefit from, lupus research”. Thanks to this new step, we will be in an even better position to bring the voice of people with lupus in clinical trials design, patient relevant outcome measurements, pharmaco-vigilance, drug authorization or other topics relevant to EMA.

LUPUS EUROPE Uniting people with Lupus throughout Europe