On this page, we want to share some key information and links that we found particularly relevant for people living with lupus in Europe. These can be recent scientific publications, information, news from our members, old articles that are still very valuable today. we will update this selection as new articles pop up, so come back regularly…

While we do our utmost to select credible sources of information and quality publications, the articles and links reflect the views of their authors rather than of LUPUS EUROPE.


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Living with lupus in 2020 - SURVEY PUBLISHED

Thank you to the 5922 respondents

Hydroxychloroquine Dosing survey

Our survey on HcQ dosing, retinopathy and adherence is published in Lupus Science and medicine!


See attached Simon Stones slides explaining how to make a poster for a scientific event!

Lupusreference TWEETS

Prof. L. Arnaud is very active on twitter, often with recent news in 1 slide

EULAR on Vaccination

Read the updated EULAR recommendations for vaccination of people with an autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic disease

Do you know ERN ReCONNET

This is the European Reference Network responsible for lupus

COVID impact on rare diseases patients

look at the attached infographic made by EURORDIS based on 6945 answers

This is Living

Go to the campaign's autoimmune conditions webpage!

EULAR 2021

Read Our Top Takeaways from EULAR 2021

EULAR 2021

Summary of Key Abstracts on Lupus Treatment - by Prof. Arnaud


Learn about the Tolerance of COVID19 Vaccines in Lupus Patients