In September, during the LUPUS EUROPE convention, we were delighted to welcome Jeanette Andersen to the board. She has written a little introduction for those who don’t already know her from her work in LUPUS EUROPE and Young PARE.

JeanetteAndersen04 head shot

“I was diagnosed with SLE in 2011, although I had had symptoms of the disease since the year 2000. I have a master´s degree in German and Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and was a teacher in higher education until 2012.

Since I had to stop working in 2012, I have dedicated my time and energy to volunteer work for Lupus Denmark. In addition, I am a EULAR Young PARE working group member and now also on the LUPUS EUROPE board of trustees.

SLE has changed my life from a very active one, with a full-time job and a lot of fitness in my spare time to a condition, where I am immobilised in a wheelchair and can work only a few hours a week. Despite the disease casting a shadow over my life, my positive attitude and outlook has made me find a new purpose and meaning in life by helping other people with lupus all across Europe.

Unfortunately, I have been in the hospital a lot for my beginnings on the LUPUS EUROPE board, but hopefully things will change for the better and I will be able to be more active in the near future. For now, my two main focuses in LUPUS EUROPE are on the young lupus patients and communication to our members.”


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