This week, our marathon hopeful, Andreas is running for France’s two lupus associations. This is a great opportunity to highlight a couple of World Lupus Day initiatives taken by these two associations.

AFL + chair, Marianne Rivière, was interviewed for “pourquoi docteur”. You can find the full interview (in French) here.


Among other activities planned for World Lupus Day, the association, Lupus France, asked its members to take up a challenge and wear purple or orange (or in some cases both) for Lupus awareness. Here is the video of their contribution (although in French, the visuals are easy for anyone to understand).

Lupus France’s chair, Ginette Volf, was also interviewed for World Lupus Day. You can find a link to that video here (video in French – the segment about Lupus is from 2 min 36 secs).



In addition, here is a video, in English, filmed at Eurodis, the Rare Disease Platform, on the occasion of the press conference with Prf. Jean Sicilia,  Head of the National Reference Centre for Systemic Autoimmune Diseases and Miguel Sieler, CEO of Neovacswhich has developed a drug candidate against lupus., Professor Lupus France and Lupus Europe.”  With thanks to

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