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Week 0/24

Greatest life Challenge, till the next one!


A few months ago I ran my first half marathon – I had been in the sport for 5 months before I felt ready to do so. Lots of people may argue that it can be achieved sooner. I decided to take it slow and listen to my body before taking the challenge. Also, I forced myself to run for a cause – to keep me motivated – and dedicated it to my sisters who have been winning against unexpected events in their lives. I have to admit thinking of them during the race worked pretty well, especially in the last kilometers when my gastrocnemius muscles got so tight I could barely run.  But running a half marathon, I believe means you only get half the fun. So I decided to run a full one – 42,2km. Oh and also, why not do it at one of the most popular ones – the New York Marathon!


This coming November, 2016, I will be one of the 50,000 lucky ones who will be running through all five boroughs of New York City. I am also a Lupus patient – I was diagnosed in 2007 with symptoms of thrombosis and Raynaud’s syndrome.  Because of that, I would like to run for Lupus and I have joined forces with LUPUS EUROPE (NGO) which will be providing me with a space on its blog to communicate my training news up until I complete the marathon on 6th of November. You have probably guessed right, this will be my motivation in the last kilometres, when I may be experiencing paranoia and I won’t be able to feel my knees or muscles. It’s a win-win, right? Raise awareness and promote an active lifestyle for Lupus as well as get the motivation I need to complete the race 🙂


The idea is to share my weekly training plan and dedicate each week to one of the 24 member countries  of LUPUS EUROPE.  It will be a great opportunity to share my experience with each member country, if possible through a Video Call.

This week is dedicated to Denmark. 

“Remember that guy who gave up?  …Neither does anyone else.”

Andreas Panteli

Lupus Warrior

Disclaimer: The above awareness campaign is part of my volunteer work and has nothing to do with my professional activities.
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