Over the past weeks, LUPUS EUROPE and several of its members have worked to improve availability of Hydroxychloroquine for people with lupus in Europe, as speculations on its possible use for COVID treatment have resulted in an increased (off-label) demand.

Our objective is that all patients with a chronic condition requiring Hydroxychloroquine have access, if not immediately, at least  within 3 days of ordering.

We now need to verify that our efforts are indeed resulting in an improved access, and remain qadequate the future. We therefore need your feedback: If you are a Patient using hydroxychloroquine, last time you purchased it, did you get your normal quantity when you asked in your pharmacy?

Please help us by filling this very short survey (available in several languages) https://www.surveylegend.com/s/25nh and send this link to all your lupus friends asking them to participate. then ,next time you buy Hydroxychloroquine, come back to this link and tell us again. It is only if many of you (not just those that have access issues) participate that we will be able to read relevant results, and focus the additional work where it possibly still is needed.


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