The lovely Petra Balážová from Slovakia has a wonderful blog called Petronela’s Journey, where she talks about healthy eating, life with lupus and so many other very interesting topics. Petra has kindly allowed us to republish one of her video interviews with rheumatologist Dr. Alessia Alunno here, on a very interesting topic; lupus fatigue. Here it is: 

Understanding fatigue in lupus can make your life easier. For the longest time I have been asking myself… What is fatigue? What is the cause of it? Do I have some other medical condition that is making me so overly tired? Why am I also emotionally tired? What I can do about it? If you are asking the same questions, this video is for you. I interviewed a rheumatologist, Dr. Alessia Alunno, who shed some light on this topic for us. Share this video with your friends who could benefit from it.

Many thanks to Petra for allowing us to share her video about such an important topic!

Her blog can be found at:

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