An interview with a Rheumatologist on Lupus Fatigue

The lovely Petra Balážová from Slovakia has a wonderful blog called Petronela’s Journey, where she talks about healthy eating, life with lupus and so many other very interesting topics. Petra has kindly allowed us to republish one of her video interviews with rheumatologist Dr. Alessia Alunno here, on a very interesting topic; lupus fatigue. Here […]

The Hellenic League Against Rheumatism’s (ELEANA) Special Lupus Project

The Hellenic League Against Rheumatism (ELEANA) with the contribution of Mr. Michael Konstantinidis, who is the writer and the art director of the total project  and of the arts community, created and coordinated a special project for Lupus. This was done with the hope that it would contribute to relieving the stigma the disease bears, […]

Lupus, Skin and COVID19

During the Pandemic various online webinars were given about the Psycho-Social Impacts of COVID-19 on Patients with Chronic Skin Conditions. Generally they showed that: Patients with chronic skin conditions (auto-immune disease related) using HQC have no higher risk of getting Covid. When using immune suppressants, patients should be more careful. When infected with Covid, consult […]