Excellence in Rheumatology Conference in Madrid January 2012
1/26/2012 - 1/27/2012

Dear Members of LUPUS EUROPE,

In the NewsFlash of July already some information was given on the Excellence in Rheumatology Conference in Madrid January 2012. Some Trustees of LUPUS EUROPE are involved in the organization of this Conference. Patients who attend this conference have access to the scientific conference sessions. Trustees of LUPUS EUROPE hope that each member group can find a representative to attend the Madrid Conference. We feel that it is a unique possibility for patients to visit a Conference with a very interesting programme and we are grateful for the possibility to get a bursary. So, if you find the right person to attend, cost cannot be a problem.

The Excellence in Rheumatology Patients Meeting Programme document is available here.
You can download the invitation letter from here.
For further information if needed, please contact Yvonne Norton, the chair of LUPUS EUROPE.

We hope to meet you in Madrid.