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"Run the Marathon" with Andreas

Andreas Panteli is a 28 years old friendly chap. Some of you might have met him at LUPUS EUROPE convention 2013 in Paris. He was diagnosed with Lupus when he was 20. Born and raised in Cyprus, he lived and worked in 4 European countries (Cyprus, Greece, UK and Switzerland) where he was an active member of the local Lupus organizations. He currently resides in South Africa. Lupus stimulated Andreas to revise his philosophy of life to a calmer and more positive attitude. He makes sure he lives life to its fullest and enjoy the little things, for example having fun while getting wet during a sudden rain from a clear sky.

After running his first Half Marathon a few months ago, Andreas decided to run a full one – 42,2km… and he did not pick “just a marathon”, but probably the most famous one – the New York Marathon!

This coming November 2016, Andreas, living with lupus, will be one of the 50,000 lucky ones who will be running through all five boroughs of New York City. He decided to dedicate this marathon and its preparation to people living with lupus in Europe. Andreas and LUPUS EUROPE are joining forces to run together. Andreas said “ You will be my motivation in the last kilometers, when I may be experiencing paranoia and I won’t be able to feel my knees or muscles. It’s a win-win, right? Raise awareness and promote an active lifestyle for Lupus as well as get the motivation I need to complete the race!”

In this partnership between us all and Andreas, the hard bit will be for Andreas, training over the next 6 months, week after week to get ready for the big event, and then running the race till the end, but we all have our role to play, providing him support and encouragement, following him in his progress, cheering him up on facebook, and “running with Andreas”.

Of course, we will not ask each of you to run a full marathon, but each within our own limits, we can dedicate some running, waking or wheeling exercise to Andreas, and let him know that, in support of his effort, we will run 422 meters or walk 4.22km, … or whatever else will make us move with him. Andreas also suggested to use this opportunity to raise money for LUPUS EUROPE. Each of you, your members, friends, colleagues, can donate to LUPUS EUROPE’s cause through the paypal link provided here.

While you can do this physical effort with Andreas any day or week between now and November 6, 2016… and as many times as you want, Andreas will carry each week a particular country in his thoughts as he runs. He will share his training plan and the name of that week on his blog. This is a unique opportunity to build a local event in that week, where you could “run with Andreas”, fundraise, or offer any other support as a group. It could also be a great opportunity for Andreas to share his experience with each member country, if possible through a Video Call. If a given week is better for your country, please let either LUPUS EUROPE’s secretariat or Andreas know, so we can plan accordingly!

Please follow Andreas’ progress on the BLOG (link here), and keep cheering him through his long preparation!

You can also support Andreas and LUPUS EUROPE through a donation via paypal: