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Lupus 2013 - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was the host City for the 10th International Lupus Congress, April 18th to April 21st 2013. This was the first time the Congress was held in South America. The Congress is the world’s most comprehensive clinical and scientific LUPUS meeting.


At the recent International Congress on Lupus (ICL) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Blanca Rubio, Alain Cornet and Kirsten Lerstrøm from LUPUS EUROPE had the great pleasure to connect with Ricard Cervera, David Isenberg and Marta Mosca where they touched on the current most relevant issues for the European network of patients’ groups and what is happening right now for lupus in Europe all together.

Report of the International Congress on SLE
(The report is made on behalf of the ALUA - Argentinian Lupus Association, chair Teresa G. Cattoni de Mina)

From 18 to April 21, 2013 the 10th International Congress on Lupus 2013, took place at the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires organized by GLADEL (Latin American Group Study Lupus) and Argentina Society of Rheumatology-SAR. This is a recognized Scientific Congress which develops from 1986 to the present, every three years, in different regions around the world: Calgary, Singapore, London, Jerusalem, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Vancouver.

This is the first time in its history that takes place in South America, in Argentina, in Buenos Aires.

Comité Ejecutivo:

  • Dra. Mary Carmen Amigo – Presidente (México)
  • Dr. Bernardo Pons Estel – Presidente (Argentina)
  • Dra. Eloísa Bonfá – Presidente C. Científico (Brasil)

Consejo Asesor Internacional:

  • Dra. Graciela Alarcón (USA / Perú)
  • Dr. Munther Khamashta (UK)

Sociedad Argentina de Reumatología-SAR:

  • Dr. Gustavo Citera – Vicepresidente (Argentina)
  • Dr. Enrique R. Soriano – Secretario (Argentina)

Comité Científico:

  • Dra. Eloísa Bonfá (Brasil)
  • Dra. Leonor A. Barile (México)
  • Dr. Loreto Massardo (Chile)
  • Dr. Luis Catoggio (Argentina)
  • Dr. Mario H. Cardiel (México)
  • Dra. Graciela Alarcón (USA /Perú)

Around 1500 attendees from all over the world participated in this successful Scientific Congress: renowned international researchers and young professionals, scholars, could confront their works and exchange experiences over interactive programs and meetings with the most important experts on Lupus.

Forum Posters: Destined to update and expand knowledge on SLE ​​and related diseases, experts in several disciplines shared their research works on various related topics through specials sessions. More than 500 posters were exposed.

As Dr. Ricard Cervera, (Barcelona, Spain) said: "... it has been the best Lupus Congress that has done since its beginning 25 years ago, since these Congresses started doing, in Canada ... I think we’re in the beginning, probably, of a new era for Lupus control. And it is also very important, unfortunately still an exceptionality, the simultaneous holding of Patient Congress, a worldwide Lupus initiative pioneered and this seems magnificent ... "

In the framework of the Scientific Congress, Lupus Association Argentina - ALUA as the host patient organization was invited to coordinate the Patient Programme, held in parallel at no cost to patients and families, with simultaneous translation and programming dedicated to the latest developments in the field by renowned experts, both local and foreign, patient testimonies and specials workshops for patients.

This Patient Program that developed along two days, gave a deep and comprehensive general review on Lupus, which resulted in a rich exchange among attendees and featured presentations by distinguished prominent specialists to whom we deeply appreciate their participation:

Dr.Graciela S. Alarcón (USA / Peru),
Dr. Jose Fernando Molina (Colombia),
Dr. Ricard Cervera (Spain),
Dr. Maria Cristina Lunic (Argentina),
Dr. Alicia Eimon (Argentina),
Dr.Mario H.Cardiel (Mexico).
In addition, workshops specifically designed for patients were held by Lic. Josefina Estela Sanchez (Argentina), Kim Schofield (USA) and Laura Athié (Mexico), to whom we also approached our affectionate recognition.

About 300 patients and families were registered, with the assistance of delegates from Patient Organizations from around the world, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Mauritius, Indonesia, Estonia, USA, Chile, Mexico, Peru, among others, and the concurrence of many patients and groups of the region to whom we much appreciate their participation.

To facilitate and encourage contact and exchange among the participants, a group of young Facilitators of Communication (English / Spanish) was available.

We want particularly to highlight and to recognize outstanding efforts of the following representatives of Patient Organizations who have traveled from as far away, to join us:
Kirsten Lerstrom – Lupus Europe (Dinamarca)
Blanca Rubio – Lupus Europe (España)
Alain Cornet – Lupus Europe (Bélgica)
Nélida Gómez Corzo – FELUPUS- Federación Española de Lupus (España)
Valentín Vigil Montes – ALAS- Asociación Lúpicos de Asturias (España)
Chris Seger y Erik DeWiel – The Lupus Society of Alberta (Calgary – Canadá)
Babs Venkatasamy y Dalilah Kalla – Lupus Alert (Mauritius - Africa)
Ayu Bisono – YAYASAN Lupus Indonesia (Depok – Indonesia)
Tiara Savitri y Kemal Syakurnanda– YAYASAN Lupus Indonesia (Jakarta- Indonesia)
Kim Schofield – LFA (Atlanta – USA)
Ingrid Poldemaa - LUPUS ESTONIA – EULAR (Estonia)
Richard Tackie – Childlink Foundation (Ghana)

We also want to mention the following organizations which could not be present for reasons of force majeure but they joined us in the distance:
Harrilal Reeanna – The Voice of Lupus Found. (Trinidad Tobago)
Karem Ariza – GALES- Apoyo Paciente Lupus (Medellín – Colombia)
Josie Bradley –BC Lupus Society (British Columbia- Canadá)
Fatima María Lavoll – Norwegian Rheumatism Assoc. Oslo – Noruega)
Esperanza Solano – Fundación Dominicana de Lupus (Sto.Domingo- Rca. Dominicana)
Marilyn Robles –Lupus Found. Of the Philippines (Filipinas)
Rémi St-Laurent – Lupus Gatineau (Quebec – Canadá)
Robelle Tanangunan – Lupus Inspired Advocacy Project –LUISA (Philippines)
Dr. Carlos Alberto Ferreira - Associaçao de Doentes con Lupus (Lisboa - Portugal)

Our thanks to all the Group GLADEL and SAR for trusting ALUA to join them on such exceptional event, to the coordinator team for Patients Program, who supported and sustained our proposals: Dr.Bernardo Pons Estel, Dr.Luis Catoggio, Dr. Mario H. Cardiel, Dra.Cristina Drenkard, Dra.Graciela Alarcon, Dr. Mary Carmen Amigo and Kim Schofield, to companies and institutions who provided support, to our presenter, the national broadcaster Graciela Almada who added warmth to the meeting, and once again to each of the attendees from all regions of our country, Latin America and more distant places that added enthusiasm and were present with enormous effort, enjoying the various lectures and workshops.

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement and thanks to encourage us to always keep looking forward!


We share the presentations of the speakers which took place during the Patients Program to make them accessible to those who could not be present and also for those who will enjoy seeing them again, and to make them available to the general public. Sorry, but as there was simultaneous translation they are in Spanish, but some slides are in English.

Filmación DVD : MV Comunicación & Marketing
Ripeo y subida de DVD a YouTube: ALUA

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 1)
Teresa Cattoni (Presidenta de ALUA): Ceremonia inaugural
Dra. Graciela Alarcón (MPH - US): "¿Qué necesito saber sobre los diferentes tratamientos para el Lupus?"

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 2)
Dr. José Fernando Molina (Colombia): "Nefritis lúpica: ¿Qué opciones de tratamiento son las mejores para mí y cómo puedo ayudar a mi médico para obtener los mejores resultados?"

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 3)
Dr. Ricard Cervera (España): "Lupus y Embarazo: la planificación anticipada y el control médico adecuado"

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 4)
Dra. María Cristina Lunic (Argentina): "¿Cómo mejorar la calidad de vida y las estrategias de afrontamiento en pacientes con Lupus?"

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 5)
Dra. Alicia Eimon (Argentina): "¿Debería poner atención especial al riesgo cardiovascular?"
Dr. Mario H. Cardiel (México): "Factores ambientales y genéticos en Lupus"

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 6)
Kim Schofield (LFA – USA): “¿Cómo iniciar un grupo de ayuda exitoso y convertirse en un promotor activo a favor del Lupus?”

Programa para Pacientes (Parte 7)
Laura Athie (México): “Viviendo con Lupus: Testimonio de una paciente: “Laura, Loba-Tejedora de historias”

Boletin Electronico No 10

PDF - 396.9 kb

Electronic Newsletter No 10

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