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MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS are enthusiastic and empowered

Strategic objective 2 – MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS are enthusiastic and empowered by Blanca Rubio (Membership Trustee LUPUS EUROPE)

To assist our member organizations with their sustainability, growth and development is LUPUS EUROPE’s second strategic objective. We are extremely eager to seek and pursue common interests and issues to boost the operation of the national groups.
Our main goals in the process of working together with the organizations are to increase participation in convention (target 80% by 2015) by meeting the needs of the participants with a clear theme, training, national reports on CBA and workshops on matters of common concern. Furthermore we want to develop intranet use for the exchange of information, social media and distribute monthly Newsflashes,
To achieve this we need to know more about our member organizations. We will need their collaboration with surveys, contest and other activities.
We are positive that Together + Strong we will be able to accomplish all aims.